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Aircraft Private Hire

For those who already hold pilots licences, our aircraft can be used for private hire. Hirers are required to join our free membership programme for which they will receive login details for our online aircraft booking system. 

There is a 60 day currency requirement on each aircraft type. Hirers out of currency will require a check flight with an instructor.

Pay as you Fly

PA28, C172  -  £189 per hour

C150/2, Aquila A211  -  £169 per hour



PA28, C172, C150/2 & Aquila A211  -  £19.50 at Teesside or Humberside. Landings at other airports to be paid upon landing.

Touch & Go / Runway approach

PA28, C172, C150/2 & Aquila A211 -  £9.50 each 

Hourly prices are calculated as block hours, available at both Teesside And Humberside bases. All prices include VAT.

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