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Aircraft Private Hire

For those who already hold pilots licences, our aircraft can be used for private hire. Hirers are required to join our free membership programme for which they will receive login details for our online aircraft booking system. 

There is a 60 day currency requirement on each aircraft type. Hirers out of currency will require a check flight with an instructor.

Pay as you Fly

PA28, C172  -  £169 per hour. Special rates available for land aways and overnight rentals.

C150/2  -  £149 per hour. Special rates available for land aways and overnight rentals.



PA28, C172 & C150/2  -  £19.50 at Teesside or Humberside. Landings at other airports to be paid upon landing.

Touch & Go / Runway approach

PA28, C172 & C150/2  -  £9.50 each 

Hourly prices are calculated as block hours, available at both Teesside And Humberside bases. All prices include VAT.

Flight Training Prices


Our Pricing

We are committed to providing affordable quality training.  Gaining your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is a fantastic achievement, and we want to join you as you fulfil your dream of learning to fly.  

Our passion is reflected in our instructors.  With thousands of instructional hours between them, you know you're in safe hands  and you can't put a price on the experience that brings.

Our prices below include as standard:

  • Tea and coffee - as much as you can drink!

  • No membership fees

  • Use of flight planning facilities

  • No annual fee

  • Access to our online booking system giving you flexibility and 24 hour access to book your training

Dual Training Rates

Our rate includes all pre and post flight briefings, and classroom planning with an instructor.

Flight Per Hour

Piper  -  PA28 - 4 Seat  -  £179 / hour

Cessna  -  C152 - 2 Seat  - £169 / hour


PA28 & C152  -  £19.50 at Teesside

Touch & Go / Runway approach

PA28 & C152  -  £8.50 each at Teesside


Once you've gained your licence, there are a variety of options enabling you take to the sky with friends and family!  

Whether you've learned to fly with Scenic or already hold a licence and looking to fly; our aircraft are available to hire.

Pay as you Fly

PA28  -  £165 per hour

C152  -  £155 per hour



5 Hours up front  -  £145 per hour


5 Hours up front  -  £145 per hour


PA28 & C152  -  £19.50 at Teesside

Touch & Go / Runway approach

PA28 & C152  -  £8.50 each at Teesside

Night Rating

Night Rating


In order to exercise the privileges of your licence at night, you need hold a night rating.

Fortunately we're fully approved to conduct that training for you.

Flight Training

The flight training course comprises of at least 5 hours of flight time - at night, including;

  • A minimum of 3 hours dual instruction, which includes at least 1 hour of cross-country navigation with at least 1 dual cross-country flight of not less than 30nm

  • 5 solo take-off and 5 solo full-stop landings. 


Ground Training

Although there is no EASA syllabus, Scenic Air Tours North East go the extra mile and provide additional ground instruction covering aspects of night flying; topics include;

  • Night operations

  • Night navigation

  • Night visual circuits

  • Night emergencies

The training is integrated to ensure you get maximum time in the air.

Skill Test

You'll be pleased to know there is no test or examination at the end of the training course!

Carriage of Passengers

EASA rules state a pilot shall not operate an aircraft as PIC at night carrying passengers unless he/she:

  • has carried out in the preceding 90 days at least 1 take-off, approach and landing at night as a pilot flying in an aircraft of the same type of class.

Instrument Rating Restricted (IRR)


The IRR or previously IMC rating is designed as a qualification to "get you out of trouble" rather than a replacement for the full instrument rating, however it is an extremely valuable qualification to gain.   Not only that, it's great fun!  Flying with precision in cloud and using the instruments to line up with the runway is a fantastic experience.  You'll never forget the first time you 'pop' out of the bottom of cloud and the runway is dead ahead!


An applicant must have:

  • 25 hours total experience as a pilot of aeroplanes following PPL issue and which may include the training for the IMC rating

  • 10 hours as PIC of aeroplanes to include 5 hours as PIC of aeroplanes on cross country flights.

  • UK issued Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence (FRTOL).


Flight Training

Complete at least 15 hours dual instrument flying training.

At least 10 of the 15 hours must be flown by sole reference to instruments.

The training covers the following items:


Basic Stage

  • Full and limited panel flight manoeuvres to include recoveries from unusual attitudes

  • Partial panel flight manoeuvres


Applied Stage

  • Pre-flight planning

  • Departure and en-route

  • Approach and let-down

  • Bad weather circuits and landings

Ground Training

A minimum of 20 hours of theoretical knowledge training covering the following subjects:

  • Physiological Factors 

  • Flight Instruments 

  • Aeronautical Information Service - NOTAMS, UK AIP, AICs 

  • Flight Planning - Meteorology, Altimetry, Terrain clearance, Radio aids, Radar approach procedures 

  • Privileges of the UK IMC Rating


Flight Test

Theory - 25 multi-choice questions covering the syllabus.  The pass mark is 75% 

Flying -  A flight test with an approved examiner.

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