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View the world from a different angle as you fly upside down during one of our aerobatic flights.

Experience the thrill of pulling 3G as you do a loop the loop and a barrel roll. 

The perfect gift for a thrill seeker looking for their next adventure!

You can purchase your gift voucher online, valid for 12 months, so there's plenty of time to arrange your flight.  

Just give us a call when it's convenient to book in!

Click on the photo below to buy your voucher now!

Aerobatic Flight Details


Your aerobatic flight will begin with a short briefing from your pilot on what to expect from a gravity-defying flight. 

Once the aircraft has climbed to approximately 5,000 feet in the air, the adrenaline fuelled fun will begin.

This is your time to enjoy the thrill of seeing the world from a different perspective....upside your instructor demonstrates a variety of aerobatic manoeuvres! 


Just make sure you have your eyes open the whole time, and look out of the window to capture the amazing view!

Your flight experience will last approximately 30 minutes from take off to landing.  

*Please note a passenger weight restriction of 75kgs applies to Aerobatic flights

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