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Welcome to AeroSchool

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Scenic Air Tours North East Limited by Praeluceo Group Limited. As part of this process, Scenic Air Tours has now been rebranded as AeroSchool.

As part of our initial significant investment, we are pleased to introduce you to our immediate plans for the school and further build upon its excellent reputation. We aim to be the best at what we do and this is why we believe you should choose to fly AeroSchool:



​Our existing fleet based at Teesside Airport will grow to 8 aircraft by the end of 2022 giving us the biggest fleet in the North. A total of 6 are due to be based by the end of September 2022. We will retain commonality by increasing the quantity of aircraft in the types currently operated but are exploring factory new aircraft with a number of manufacturers in the medium term. We are proud of the quality of aircraft we are acquiring. They are all in first class condition, many of which have been recently overhauled with new engines, props and avionics. With maintenance being driven by hours flown, predicting when aircraft need to head off for routine maintenance is difficult to plan. We know that this can be frustrating to all customers. To this end, our policy at AeroSchool will be to retain ‘hot spare’ aircraft in the fleet to cover aircraft that go tech or are away on maintenance so that we can maintain our schedule. Take a look at our fleet by clicking here.



As well as operating a quality fleet, we have been busy recruiting additional members of the team. I think you’ll agree that the team we are putting together is one of the most experienced around. It is our philosophy that we want to support students throughout their study, not only in flight training but in theoretical knowledge and in their future endeavours. Check out our staff profiles by clicking here.



We have now implemented an electronic system which holds bookings, logs and invoicing in one system. Bookings can be made online 24/7 by students and private hirers to book in as required. We don’t have any policy on maximum numbers of bookings – book as often as frequently as you’d like to fly. Once as things start to head to capacity, we will make further investment in aircraft and staff – something we can do very quickly.



We are pleased that we are able to offer all of the above at one of the lowest costs available. This pricing is available to anyone on a pay as go you basis. To achieve our amazing prices, we do not require customers to pay membership fee or provide hefty prepayments or deposits. Whether you’re wanting an air tour (from £69/hr), to take lessons (from £149/hr), or private hire (from £135/hr) aircraft, you’ll not find anything to match our quality service and aircraft at these prices. Existing customers will automatically avail of these new rates from 07th Sept 2022.



Our excellent prices continue with our ground school. Study in our classroom based classes at Teesside Airport for your PPL theoretical exams for £499 (or subjects can be purchased individually). The whole course takes 8.5 days and not only covers the basics required, but our experienced instructors go above and beyond giving you that extra knowledge. Take subjects as you please, just book in as and when you’re looking to tackle a subject. Book your ground school training online by clicking here.


Our PA-28 simulator has now arrived and is being configured for use. Bookings will be available shortly from only £30 per hour! Click to see our Sim


So don’t delay, continue your journey in aviation with us. Our office is open 9am-3pm daily so please email us on, call us on 01325 625 625 or drop by for a cuppa! We look forward to welcoming you to AeroSchool.

Why not book us for a trial flight or air tour with us? Use coupon AEROSCHOOL at our online check out for a further 10% off. Offer valid until 10/09/2022

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